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The Kate and Taka Show

Weekly chats with ya fave married couple from NZ. Podcast in association with

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    That time I wrote a Netflix rom-com

    It's another snack-sized Snickers special this week, with Kate having a turn as a husky-voiced plague victim. So ... what to do you when you're sick? You NETFLIX.

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    BONUS: The snack-sized Snicker episode

    Sickness has befallen Taka and Kate's household, so it's a snack-sized pod this week, but we're covering off the hard-hitting topics: the Dancing with the Stars final, what makes a Netflix rom-com (including someone's dude-crush on Noah Centineo), and Taka even sneaks in some sports chat.

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    That time I was the Blue Wiggle

    This week on the pod you fave married friends Kate and Taka take on the big topics: Late Late Live Tinder, pas-agg gym showdowns, The Wiggles, biting toddlers, who gives the best hugs, and Dancing with the Stars.

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    That time we were heroes

    This week on the pod your fave married couple Taka and Kate chat about who would be better in the seven 'hero jobs', what's been happening on Dancing with the Stars, Kate gets savage about American eating habits, and Taka has a cry about what FIFA Women's World Cup team is drawn out of the hat as the official team of the pod.

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    That time I was Bro-lessi

    This week Kate (and a croaky) Taka discuss what they'd resurrect from the 90s, who the new official football team of the should should be, who our partner Pokemon would be, and we do a DISNEY DUDES bracket to find the best man in Disney.

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    That time Adele was my Maid of Honour

    This week Kate and Taka pick their ideal celebrity bridal party, give up an update on the essential viewing that is Dancing with the Stars New Zealand (#DWTSNZ) and how their dance draft teams are going, and Kate wraps the episode up with a What the Monologue and a smelly confession.

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    That time I defied gravity

    This week on the podcast Taka and Kate compare their weeks to WWE storylines, give an update on their #DWTSNZ teams (bye bye, thirst-trap McRoberts), crank out another classic What the Monologue with Taka, take a walk down musical memory lane with Backing Track Back Story, and the two analyse what each other's Instagram 'likes' say about them.

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    That time I pitched a Middle Earth theme park

    It's a bumper Disney edition of the podcast this week as Taka and Kate give their weekly Dancing with the Stars update, talk about their dream theme park, run a Disney princess bracket, and their (SPOILER) top 5 moments from Avengers End Game.

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    That time I compared Jon Snow to Aladdin

    Ya pals are back! After two weeks off over Easter and Anzac, Kate and Taka are back with #parentingtruths, bold past fashion choices, Game of Disney's Throne, Rainy Day Memories, and a #DWTSNZ update!

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